Digital Professionals

Get your team on track with the right specialist whether it be an UX Designer, a Data Scientist or a Sales Manager. Growth Squad has access to a network of 100’s of the very best digital professionals in the business.

Attracting Star players

We know it’s difficult to attract the real star players. Somehow, corporates often have difficulties bringing across the cool work environment that’s really there, or even when they can, they just don’t reach the star players.

Growth Squad has a lot of experience in attracting the best professionals and we’re glad to do it for you. Through years of experience and intensive networking, there’s a very good chance we know the best person for the job. We’ve been on the hiring side for years, so we won’t do to you what we have experienced so many times.

Why T-shaped professionals?
We hire the best temporary professionals in the area of online marketing, content, design, growth hacking, project management, data science and analytics. Our professionals are specialized in a certain digital aspect but their knowledge goes way beyond their specialization.

At Growth Squad we hire young professionals with a high potential. These young professionals get the opportunity to be trained in the Growth Squad’s Academy X to be the very best T-shaped digital marketers in the business. All our professionals hold a broad digital knowledge. This knowledge gives them the advantage of better operating and communication with other professionals. Our online marketers have basic knowledge in design and analytics but they also practice the concept of growth hacking. And our Data Scientists know the basics of online marketing and content.